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How to make long distance relationship with Russian woman work

How to make long distance relationship with Russian woman work

Being in a relationship always means that you have to work hard in order to maintain the happy balance between your own life before the dating or marriage and after. So, say you are in the relationship with a Russian woman, what is the most frequent problem that might occur? The answer to this question is being separated due to some work issues in your country or your bride reasons to stay in her. The perfect solution is not to panic, because there are plenty of reasons why after that long distance thing you will be even closer that before.

The basic principle of how to make long distance relationships work is to try to be normal. Of course it doesn’t mean that you have to pretend like nothing had happened at all, but in simple terms you have to maintain the usual routine way of life so that not to create a fuss over the whole situation.

So the first thing to do is try to stick to your usual schedule. Go to the same places you usually go, meat the same people and even eat the same things. All this is done in order to trick our brain in order to believe that nothing has change and your date is somehow still very close to you, because trying to overreact will definitely send the wrong message that something is not right and there goes all this feeling of being lonely and unhappy.

Second of all, try to visit as much as possible. Of course there might arise some time or money problem, but still try to make it possible, because nothing can help to survive this temporary separation than the actual meeting, hearing the voice, touching, hugging (and all these is definitely free and some of it can be even done online)– all this is a perfect cure to long distance drama. In order to make it even better try to create some ritual for you every visit. It can be going to some certain restaurant or park or any other place that will be associated with this very moment. This ritual will add to your common memories and could in the future be something that you are not only looking forward to, but also a certain thing that only you to share that even the distance cannot take away.

One more point that often occurs during long distant relationship is the communication. Many ladies would advise here to stay as much positive as possible so that not to show your girlfriend from Russia how hard it is for you. This point of view is surprisingly wrong, of course nobody is saying that you shouldn’t be positive most of the time, but it is not a secret that being away from you couple is rather unpleasant thing, so there is nothing wrong in telling your girlfriend about that. Say you had a bad day and who is the better person to cuddle you in than you dearest and nearest? Don’t be afraid to share the boring and routine stuff with each other, in fact, all those things will make it seem like she is right next to you.

Finally, and probably the hardest one for most of us, is try to create trust. Long distance relationships require the point where you actually have to meet other people, going out with friends and colleagues. In fact, after all, only you friends and relatives can actually help you not to feel alone and fall into depression. But the most important thing here is to understand that you couple also needs these meetings, so you have to trust that she will not do something wrong and will always be with you even some miles away surrounded by other people. Of course it is hard sometimes, but it is definitely worth the try.

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