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Russian Dating. What are the Signs That the Women Like You?

Russian Dating

Many men do not notice the sympathy of the girl and miss their chance. Look closely at the girl, because women's actions speak louder than words. How to understand that a girl likes you?

Not only women are tormented by questions of mutual sympathy, but also severe men guess about feelings. Girls seem mysterious and incomprehensible, but you need to look a little more closely at your potential girlfriend. Who knows, maybe she likes you? The girl does not recognize openly in love or sympathy, but will show it in another way. Keep your eyes wide open and turn on your brain. Actions speak louder than words. At our website russian-women-dating.net you’ll find the most popular demonstration of sympathy.

How to understand that girl likes you?
  1. The girl is always close to you.
The girl tries to be with you in several ways. She does the same courses as you do, visits your favorite places and meets in different places. The girl is always ready to spend time with you. Maybe it's not by chance, but is it sympathy on her part.
  1. The girl is constantly smiling.
The smile does not come off her face, she's all positive and laughable near you. When a girl likes a man, she will walk next to a stupid but happy face. This is clearly something more than friendliness and similar to sympathy.
  1. The girl laughs.
The girl not only often smiles, but also laughs loudly at various funny things.  Especially it often happens when you are in the zone of her visibility. When a girl likes a guy, she starts to laugh more actively and have fun. This is very similar to the love affection and interest on her part.
  1. The girl looks you in the eye.
When you stopped staring at her boobs and looked up, you’ll find out that she is looking straight into your eyes. It is hard not to notice this sympathy.
  1. The girl touches you.
The girl  “attacks you” with touches, in the hope of mutual sympathy. She will “accidentally” touches your arm or shoulder. This can be a "casual" touch or a special one with an emphasis on friendliness. We touch those who are sympathetic to us and to whom there is a certain inclination. The girl seduces and incites the man to respond, touching him.
  1. Her friends know about you.
A Russian woman dating is really difficult task, and very often men cannot understand if the girl is interested in them. But the most evident sign of sympathy is when her friends and acquaintances know about you. This means that she already buzzed all the ears about you. She asked for advice and mentioned something about you. The girl will tell her friends only about those who are interested for her.

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  1. The girl is curious about your girlfriends.
Does the girl ask about your personal life, directly or indirectly? She will ask something similar: "Your girlfriend probably laughs at your funny jokes." This cunning trick will allow the girl to find out if the man is free and whether she has competitors. If a man turns out to have a beloved woman, some girls will not continue to fight for his attention. But there are women who cannot be stopped. Let her know that you are free and ready to start relationship.
  1. The girl is frank.
She reveals to you some funny, touching and important stages of her life. The girl talks about special things that random people don’t know. It means that you are special for her.
  1. The girl responds to messages.
The girl responds promptly and in detail on your messages. There are no dull words in her speech: "clear," "understandable," "ok." She does not stint long answers and emojis. Using emojis is a good sign of sympathy. The girl responds to any messages, even on which there is really nothing to write. She can write herself first, drop music or a funny picture.
  1. The girl is full of attention.

The girl doesn’t ignore when you tell her something. She doesn’t stare at her phone, doesn’t check the clock, doesn’t twist her head, doesn’t yawn or distract her friends. The girl is attentive and completely absorbed in talking with you. Looks like you're the one she likes.

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