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Three major reasons why foreign-Russian marriage fail

foreign-Russian marriage

From year to year the amount of divorces is increasing all around the world. That is why there is no one secured even if he gets married with his bride from Russia. There are a lot of things that might change her attitude completely towards you however in the majority cases it is possible to predict the unhappiness of these relationships. So what are these three reasons for divorce?

Russian people are quiet tied with their motherland that is why your girlfriend might have some problems with adaptation to the new country. It will make her depressed and one day she might decide to end these relationships only because she cannot handle new culture around her. The chance of divorce is much higher if her boyfriend is always somewhere out of her. He might work a lot and she will feel no support by him but it is dangerous to leave the woman alone. So the pressure of the new situation around her one day might become too heavy for her and she will give up. She might not even consider that the problem of the marriage lies in her incapability to get accustomed to the new reality so she will blame her man for all the sorrows and homesickness. That is why the only way to heal these wounds is to be with her a lot and help her assimilating. Otherwise it will be easier to break up.

Probably Russian women are not that passionate as Spanish or Portuguese but sexual life matters for them much too. If you have failures in bed or you are simply often too tired to have sex with your lady it might lead to the decrease of her self-estimation. She will think about her appearance and she might end up in understanding that she is the one who fails everything. Thus she will reject any offers of reconciliation and it will be almost impossible to start everything again. So if you have an opportunity for the night of passion then try to do that because your wife should feel herself as the most desired in the world but not someone you would like to share the couch. Of course there might be days when you are tired but it should not be repeated all the time.

The last but not the least important thing that damages the relationships is money. It is vital to keep them away from your family life. Business is one thing but your wife is different. As soon you start mixing them together it leads to the disaster. Of course there are a lot of people in Russia who cannot deal with money at all but it is possible to change her attitude towards the finance before the wedding. If you marry her with this drawback then it will definitely mean in her mind that you accept it. That is why if you notice her economic incompetence then try to change it right at that moment because long waiting will eat your relationships and sooner or later there will be nothing left. Sometimes people are simply cannot live together. They might love each other but it is not their destiny so even these three reasons described earlier might not be the crucial. On the other hand if you have money problems with your wife or there is no satisfaction in the bed it will influence your relationships and these changes will be always for the worst. You can do nothing about her homesickness too because it is individual traits of character and you can try to prevent her dissatisfaction at the beginning but if it continues growing then it is easier to give up and to start over with someone else.

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