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Flirting Online - How Do You Do It?

Flirting Online

When you meet someone at a bar, a party, or anywhere else in real life it’s easy to gauge their reaction to you. Observing their body language and listening to the tone of their voice will help you determine if you’re coming on too strong, if you’re talking too fast, or if you say, or do, something else that make them retract. How do you flirt online, when you aren’t directly aware of someone’s reaction? Here are some tips to bear in mind!

- people online prefer messages to winks when first contacting them - it gets you a lot higher response rate

- by mentioning something about their profile when first contacting someone, it shows you cared enough to read it, which will give you plus points

- people generally respond well to flirtatious messages, but it’s important to not come on too strong and avoid any sexual references at first

- it also helps not to come on too strong with praise; whilst people love compliments, sounding like you found the love of your life before you even met the person will likely make them run for the hills…

- when chatting to people ask fun questions, not just “how are you” or “how was your day” - if you want interesting, fun and flirtatious conversations, you need to ask the questions that will lead to that

Those pointers should help you when you use an online dating service to flirt with people. What you also need to remember though is that it doesn’t stop there. Online dating is all about offline dating, because what you want is a real life date.

So how do you get someone to meet you for a date? Most people who have done online dating agree that you don’t really get a complete feel for someone by chatting to them online. Once you’ve exchanged a few messages back and forth it’s therefore a good idea to meet up. And here’s the thing - tell them that. Tell them that you find that you can’t really know if there’s chemistry unless you meet up, so how about a quick coffee?

A coffee where you say up front that you have somewhere to be afterwards, but just want to meet quickly, is great because it removes the pressure. They won’t fear being stuck with someone all night, nor will you. And keeping it short also leaves room for doubt. Often first meetings are a bit awkward , so it helps if you get a second date. Especially as most people have an imagined idea of someone when they meet for the first time and find it hard to adjust to the real person, even if that person is better than their imagined one.

When you meet do the same as you would online - flirt, compliment, share fun stories from your life and ask interesting and quirky questions that make you both laugh!

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