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How to date Russian women

date Russian women

Before I met my wife I had had the opportunity to see in some way weird situation at the local café where I live – a couple had been sitting next to each other but instead of having chats they had been on their phones. That looked very unusual because, in my opinion, people visit such places to spend their free time together and enjoy it. Afterward, I made a conclusion that people, who had the opportunity to meet each other, maybe every day, use the Internet and didn’t value the real communication.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to find a lady from my town in order to enjoy long walks in the park and other stuff. I was more interested in Russian girls who I found pretty much adorable and admirable. I had the strong desire to find a way to date Russian women. In that case, I had to use the help of modern technologies including the Internet, in order to build my family. But before I actually made a final decision I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready to take such responsibility.

I was also scared about the fact I could meet lots of people who weren’t even real and just waste my time. After some time of having very deep researches about that way of dating, I managed to find online dating services that, in my opinion, had all the necessary things in order to help in my journey to find a Russian wife. Afterward, I created my personal account which didn’t take too long and continued investigating the benefits of 1st-russianmodels.com that I previously chose.

When I was taking a short look at the profiles I managed to find on the homepage of the website I also found search engines that helped to better understand how the system worked. When it comes to finding the particular lady from Russia, men can go for different parameters and personal characteristics such as:

• Physical parameters. Height, weight, the color of hair and even eyes, body type from slim to the sport one.

• Personal. Here you can go for different options that can help you to identify the personality of your future wife, her success and life achievements. Among them are - year income, marital status, occupation, education, ethnicity, religion, live views, residence, country of origin, as well as the city, age, smoker or non-smoker, drinker or non-drinker, having a desire to have children or not, being able to date and marry man that already has a kid or even a few, relationships the lady is interested in – the romantic or casual one – and so on.

Easy Russian Dating at Online Internet Dating

When I finally found my match I was wondering how I could contact her. The first thing I did was sending her a letter which, surprisingly for, was translated into her language. And this is how I found out about translation services on 1st-russianmodels.com online dating website that I went for. After that, I made the first step towards better and more effective and interesting communication by opening these additional website features:

• Live chat. Simple but very fast I was able to share messages as well as media files with my future wife being on the system. All the files and photos that are being sent by users are saved on the server of 1st-russianmodels.com.

• Video live chat. All you need to do for seeing your match from Russia in real time is have particular computer set up and equipment such as HD quality Web Camera, head- or earphones, microphone (or maybe the headphones that already have the inbuilt microphone), excellent internet connection and enabled audio and video which can be found in the settings of your computer.

My personal story has a happy end. I won’t be staring at the smartphone whilst being at the café with my love because I know the price of what I managed to go through. I think people should take a look at each other and say warm words. And for those who, just like me, haven’t found the love yet, - I think it is the right way to use your phone the way it can help you to build the family, not to destroy it.

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