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Hello everyone. I would like to share the happy-ending story about how I have met my future wife. Actually we met with Ann on the site http://yulia-date.com a year ago, then we met for the first time, started dating and last autumn got married. The main benefit of the site with Vinnitsa girls is the individual approach to each user, this greatly simplifies the task to meet the right woman.

I registered on the site, because I was really interested in happiness, I was sick and tired of constant failures, moreover, because of my business I had no time to look for the love. I wanted to try one more opportunity to meet my soul mate. I realized that everything was in my hands, but I didn’t expect such great result! After small test, the members of the marriage agency offered me those users, who were really interesting for me. The test was built in such a way to help you be as honest, as possible, only then you would have an opportunity to meet necessary person.

In my questionnaire I honestly wrote about who I was and what I wanted in the life, namely – serious relationship and family. And found a lot of interesting people! I carefully looked at the photos, tried to feel the person, and the way of thinking became clear in the correspondence.

Ann was the first person whom I decided to ask for a date. We were glad to meet each other in real life. We went to the cafes and there could not stop talking, she said that she had met no one who could understand her properly, and it seemed that for a long time we were a close friends.

Two weeks later I realized that she would be my wife, and I would do everything necessary in order to make it happen. In this person I found everything what I dreamed about for a long time. I was so great to feel that somebody understood you, and responded to your love with total care and loyalty. Ann kept her world in every thing, and I really felt that she was the only one. Of course, everything was not ideal and without rough spots, because we were not alike. We had some differences in the way of thinking, and in a vision of the world, but our souls were always happy when we saw each other. The most valuable was that we could share everything with each other, we really had fun together. We were married on October 14, actually created a very warm and sincere holiday for our family and friends as the starting point of our life together.

Actually, the members of the agency helped me a lot. They gave me some advice and recommended how to behave with girls on the first date. When I faced difficulties, while filling out my profile, the workers were happy to prompt me. They asked some questions that helped me to fill in my questionnaire. The most important points to attract beautiful ukraine girl were the following:

• The relation to the girl. It was important to be generous with sincere compliments, as women really love with their ears. During the corresponding it was necessary to show that I was serious about relationship and that I was an ideal family man. Also members of the agency recommended me to share with the girls that I was faithful, loved children and every evening was ready to rush home for a family dinner.

• Education. Ukrainian women like smart men, that’s why it was needed to show, that I was not stupid. I tried to make every correspondence as interesting as it was possible, to share some interesting facts and to keep the conversation going.

• Sense of humor. Any woman like boring man, and Ukrainian ladies are not an exception. That’s why my task was to show that I had a sense of humor. Some small jokes made every date (even virtual) much better and more sincere.

That was my experience at the site. My wife and I wish you good luck!

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