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It’s not a secret that there are a lot of different online marriage agencies and dating sites on the Internet. But not all of them are helpful. Some are only fakes, some demand a lot of money for the communication. That’s why, once I have decided to search top Russian dating sites, and the first website from the list is romance-dir.com. This platform is not only easy to use, but also it is very helpful. Here I found my future wife.

To tell the true, I was not a regular visitor of this website, as there were only some candidates from my region, and I didn’t want to go far away from home. Actually, I didn’t like them a lot. But suddenly I decided to broad my borderlines and to start searching my soul mate in other regions and even countries. And, looking briefly different profiles of the candidates once again, I put my eyes on one of them. That was Magda, and she was a writer. I love reading a lot, but have never faced the person who can create a literary work. That was why I decided to write to her.

I asked her about her activity as a writer, but she did not answer. After some time, I again went to the site and saw that she sent me a smile, but did not answer. Once again, I asked her a question and again did not receive a response. I was very angry. It hurt my feelings. And then suddenly came the answer from the user that he can neither read nor answer my question, because it he had some problems with the Internet. Then we decided to start communication via SMS. Once again, I wrote her a message. She answered dryly, but still responded. Out of politeness I asked a question back.

The next day she wrote me first. It was a beginning of our romance.

It was just the Internet and SMS correspondence, we could not see each other every day, as we lived in different cities. On the New Year’s Eve, She told me about the transformation of her native city, how beautiful it was because of the holiday, and I jokingly replied that I would look at it. She suggested to come, and I agreed. We met and spent two amazing days together. Some time later, I arrived again on 14 February. She introduced me to her mother and her friends. I felt that I was in love. In a year we got married.

To tell the truth I was really nervous before our first date, but different articles of the site helped me a lot. The most useful, to my mind, was “How to behave on a date?”. And I would like to share it with you.

How to behave on a first date?

• Remember that first date is non-binding, and you may even not like the person you see. Do not assign a date in the theater or the cinema - there you can hardly have time to talk. Also, you should not make an appointment in the subway or spend the first date just walking down the street all the time: on the subway you will not have opportunity to talk; from prolonged walking through the streets, you can simply get tired. It is better if a man takes the initiative and invites the lady in the democratic coffee house, perhaps with quiet music, to be able to get to know each other better.

• Of course, assigning a date, man should take into account the wishes of the woman. If she asks to meet near her home or in a particular area, you need to drive to the specified location. Men are not forbidden to give the lady flowers or other souvenirs to customize a romantic mood. Elegant bouquet at the first meeting would be superfluous.

• Smile, be adjusted positively, and you will be comfortable communicating with each other.

• And, perhaps most important. On a date it is important to be friendly, show that the partner is interesting for you! These small tips helped me to find a woman of my dreams!

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